• Uli Gaulke

MSC 6085

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Documentary Film Appreciation

Spring 2021

Journalism and Media Studies Centre

The University of Hong Kong

Instructor: Uli Gaulke

Course objectives: This course is designed to introduce the documentary form as a journalistic and artistic expression. In part, the course will take an historical approach and will examine how documentaries reflect societies and impact on them. Through lectures and tutorial sessions, students will analyze content, style, and methodology in documentary filmmaking to build skills in critical analysis and to participate in a multi-disciplinary approach in the study of documentary films.

Intended learning outcomes:

- to identify and discuss the history and styles of documentary films from pre- cinematic era -

to present

- to classify and analyze the form and style of documentary films according to categories

outlined in class

- to distinguish the different styles of eminent documentary filmmakers

- to assess the impact of new technologies on documentary form and content to

evaluate the role and the relevance of documentary films in the social history and development of the United States, China and Europe

- to become familiar with the process through which non-fictional films are made and analyze the interplay between fact and fiction in all media

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